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1. What is Vampires Dark Rising?

Vampires Dark Rising (aka VDR) is an immersive, free-to-play, standalone 2D MMORPG built specifically for the Android mobile gaming platform.

2. What features does VDR have to offer?

As one of four different vampire bloodlines you'll explore your dark nature by building a coven with your friends. You'll master unnatural powers, strategize in intense PvP combat, acquire powerful relics, give and receive combat assists, spar with the Dark Lords for great loot, earn coveted Trophies and Titles, acquire slaves to manage your income, rank on daily leaderboards, complete engaging missions, hunt and claim Bounties, participate in boss fights and so much more!

VDR is based on the cult-hit, Vampires: The Darkside, our flagship web-based game currently on Facebook. Vampires Dark Rising has no account connections to the VDS, game but if you feel brave we welcome you to give VDS a try!

What are the objective(s) of the game? To be the fiercest vampire in the Rising!!

Ways to achieve this can include:

Character Level - (Being the highest level in the game)

Strongest Defensive Vampire - (Being unable to be beaten in a fight)

Strongest Offensive Vampire - (Being able to beat any player in the game)

Powers - (Having the highest powers in the game)

Fight Record - (Having the best overall record or most fights won)

Hitlist Fighter - (Having claimed the most bounties from the Hitlist)

Income - (Having the most blood/slaves)

Missions - (Completing the most missions)

Achievements - (Having the rarest title in the game)

Trophies - (Accumulating the most platinum trophies in the game)

Interacting with your Friends - (create your own groups)
You decide the future of your vampire. Choose your goals and Happy Hunting!

3. Is Vampires Dark Rising Free?

Yes, the app is free.

4. Is VDR one of "those apps" that let you go so far and then you have to buy it?

No. VDR is free. Period.

There are items in the Crypt that you may wish to purchase to enhance your game play but they are never required.

5. What’s the Player Info Bar?

The Player Info bar is the black bar at the top of every screen. This bar tells you critical information about your vampire, including your current Blood, Age, Level, Experience, Health, Energy and Rage. *Timers keep track of your accumulation of Health, Energy and Rage.

This bar can be further enhanced by purchasing the quick links Add-on, where long-pressing this bar reveals faster navigation options.

1. How is age determined?

Each actual day you enter the game is equal to 1 vampiric year. If you don’t log in, you don’t age.

2. I finished the Tutorial but can’t find my “Free Emote” reward. Where is it?

Press the GET ADDONS button on your action bar (or alternately go to Crypt and press Addon Gallery). Then scroll down to EMOTE PACK - Standard” for the free download.

3. How do I gain coven?

You are given 5 minions each time you level. Minions are artificial placeholders that grow your coven. You may also gain real coven members by using the “Invite a friend to the Rising” via text or email. Other options are to post your “Dark Mark” (your personal Vampire character identifier) on others in game wall, as well as having your Friends Scream your Dark Mark for you to their covens. (Max coven taken into battle is 2001 which includes you.)

4. What are Skill Points?

Skill points are what you assign to your character in 5 different categories (rage, energy, attack, defense, health) to help make your Vampire stronger. You gain 5 skill points with each level. You can build your character a number of ways and these are the points that you use to build your character with.

5. Can I ever change my Skill Point allocation later in the game?

No. Make sure you are careful with how you build your character.

6. How do I know which is the best way to allocate my skill points?

How you allocate your skill points depends on how you wish to play the game. You can choose to be more offensive (having a higher attack allocation of your skillpoints) or you may wish to be a Defensive vamp with a higher allocation to your defensive skillpoints. Another option is to be a balanced vamp with a fairly even attack and defense. Your build is up to you, but you CANNOT reallocate your points after they are distributed. Build carefully.

7. Where do I assign/allocate my skillpoints? Also known as “SP”

On your profile page, press “Skills”. Allocation of SP is there.

8. What is Sparring?

Sparring is the way to gain items and check your attack and defense powers that you are currently fighting with. It is also the ONLY place to receive 2 of the rarest relics in the game. You get 10 sparring points every 12 hours and you can also top-up these points at the Crypt in between the 12 hours.

9. Can I change my bloodline after I begin the game?

No. You would need to completely delete your account and restart with another bloodline if you want to change.

10. How do I accumulate Blood faster?

By choosing the Sanguine Sect when you enter the game, or you may change your sect at the Crypt at any time.

11. How do I accumulate Rage faster?

By choosing the Ferocia Sect when you enter the game, or you may change your sect at the Crypt at any time.

12. How do I accumulate Energy faster?

By choosing the Drakul Sect when you enter the game, or you may change your sect at the Crypt at any time.

13. What do I do if someone is posting comments on my wall and I do not want them to?

Use the Block button to block them from commenting on your wall.

14. How do I Unblock someone?

Press Coven on your Home page (or on the Extended Action Bar), then press Unblock. From there you should see a list of all you’ve blocked, and will be able to choose who to unblock.

15. A player is harassing me, what should I do?

If you feel verbal interactions are becoming too heated, we encourage you to cease all verbal interactions and block them from your wall. We built the block tool for this exact purpose.

If a player attacks you multiple times, you must remember VDR is a combat-focused game with no rules for number of attacks. Join in the fray by Hitlisting them, and/or ask your coven to aid you in the fight.

As a coven cannot attack its own members, you can always ask them to join yours—who knows, they just might!

We do not restrict gameplay strategies, and personal interactions are your responsibility. They are not issues for the Community Support Desk. If your situation is not in violation of the Google Terms of Service, it is likely not a violation of ours either.

16. What if a player gets angry because I killed them?

It is up to the other player to build their vampire strong enough to beat. This is a combat game and the characters in the game are not real. Remember, all vampire should embrace death. In the Rising true death is only temporary, and an integral part of the game.

17. Why do I lose all of my fights?

There are a few reasons you could be losing fights. Your opponent(s) could have a much higher Attack in their skill point (SP) allocation, or you might not have your Defense SP allocation up as high as your attacker's.

It could also be that you are not using the best powers for your level, or that your opponent has accumulated strong Rare powers.

Your opponent may also have more Coven than you.

18. What if I don’t like my vampire’s Skill Point build?

VDR does not support Skill Point re-allocation. However, over time and with some patience, any build can be changed. Simply focus your future skill points in the direction you want to go.

The other option available is to start over, by visiting the Crypt and permanently deleting your character and all of it's progress. We do not recommend this option.

19. What are Relics?

Relics are ancient and powerful devices that occur to you as temporary enhancements (most relics last for 10min). They can be earned during any normal gameplay, and are randomly found.

Each relic offers you a different advantage. To learn what each Relic does and read their history:

1) While in the Rising, press the Settings button on your mobile device
2) Press History
3) Choose Relics

20. Can I be notified when my rage and energy are full?

Yes. They are on by default. To enable and disable this feature, simply press the Settings button on your android device while you’re in the Rising, choose Settings, and tick or untick the box to control notifications.

21. What are Favor Points?

Favor Points (FP) are a virtual currency that can be used to buy powers, refills, and many other items available in the Crypt. As well as being able to purchase them in the Crypt, you can also freely earn them through normal gameplay and through special offers at the Crypt.

22. What are awards?

Awards, also known as Trophies, are gained when you reach certain goals in the game. There are 41 total awards that have 4 levels per award (Wood, Bronze, Gold, Platinum). The awards are tougher to gain as you progress but the end result gives you bragging rights for all the platinum bling you collect!

23. Where can I see my awards?

Click Profile on your Action Bar, then click Awards to see your personal achievements. You can also see the awards of any other player by visiting their profiles and following the same instructions.

24. If I get a new phone will my current game be transferred to it?

No. Your game will not automatically transfer to a new phone. You must download the app then sign in with your current email and password.

25. What if I have a technical issue with the game?

For technical issues, you may contact our Community Support Desk.

26. What does the Delete Account do?

Found only in the Crypt, this option deletes your VDR character and all of your progress.

Literally anything and everything that you have done in VDR will be wiped out. This means all of your progress, awards, stats, build, name, Dark Mark, comments, powers, slaves - all of it. If you select this option, the data will be lost and you can NOT regain that character again. Not ever, ever, ever.


27. My game crashes sometimes, how can I fix it?

Go to Applications Management in your device settings. Clear your data and cache (this will require you to sign in to VDR again).

If the problem persists, please uninstall and reinstall the application. Please note that reinstalling VDR will not cause loss of data.

As VDR is a 2D, web-based game, it is unlikely that will cause direct issues with your device. It is no different from browsing a graphics-heavy web page in your browser.

Please research your device's specifications versus any other installed apps thoroughly to ensure that other programs are not interfering with the use of your device.

28. How do I know which APK version of VDR I have?

While in the Rising, press the Settings button on your device, select More, then About. You'll see a pop up containing the APK version number you are using. To make sure you're up to date, please be sure to check this number against ours on our VDR page on Google Play.

29. What is a Gravatar?

Officially known as a "Globally Recognized Avatar" that follows you to any Gravatar supported site—put more simply Gravatar is a free way to upload and use your own images to represent you on the web. VDR supports Gravatar use, and this is currently the sole way for you to change/upload your own images to your VDR profile page.

Gravatar is free for anyone to use, but does require an account setup* at in order to upload your images.

*Please Note: Gravatar is automatically included in every account, but there is no requirement whatsoever to use Wordpress. During Gravatar sign-up it may seem a bit confusing but it’s the best option out there right now for free web-wide avatar hosting, and is used by other popular games.

Kwaai is not affiliated with Gravatar. Please see our TOS for more on third-party websites.

1. How do I use the Home page?

Home is one of the most important pages in VDR. It contains navigation to major areas of the game, as well as in-game notificaiton feeds of game-wide actions, progress and comments.

2. What is the Crypt Power?

These are limited edition, high Attack and Defense powers that can only be purchased at the Crypt with Favor Points. Crypt powers are special offers and cannot be found during normal gameplay. They do change every so often, get them while you can!

3. What are Sparring Points?

Sparring Points are used to spar with your Dark Lords for massive rewards. Sparring Points will regenerate to a full 10 points every 12 hours.

Using Favor Points, Sparring Points can also be purchased at the Crypt in sets of 10. These sets are stackable, meaning you can purchase and use an indefinite amount of Sparring Points.

4. What is the Colored Symbol associated with my vampire name?

This symbol represents your chosen Bloodline. As you remember from your first time playing, there are 4 Bloodlines within the game, each with their own identities, powers, and respective icon.

Each Bloodline has a unique set of attributes known as their Strength. Below are the names, icons and strengths of the bloodlines.

5. What is a Dark Mark?

Each player has a personal identifier called your “Dark Mark”. Your Dark Mark is a code used to add players to your Coven. It can be found on your Homepage to the left of your Vampire name.

6. What are Your Dark Encounters?

Your in-game Information feed, called Dark Encounters, is located at the bottom of your home page. Any interaction between you and other players is recorded and displayed to you here.

You can see who has attacked you, assisted you, hitlisted or claimed a bounty on you, as well as Coven Screams and trophies you've attained. You'll also see comments left by other players in this area.

7. What’s the Action Bar?

It provides a faster way to get to navigate the game.

For example, on the default Ation Bar, the far right button takes you to Tokoloshe’s Addon Gallery where you can access very cool gameplay enhancers.

The Action Bar can be significantly upgraded with the purchase of the Extended Action Bar, which adds a toggle for a second row of navigation buttons to access more places. If that's not enough, it also adds on-bar notifications for special alerts to unlocks, messages, and more. It's an all-around better gaming experience - plus, any Addon you purchase will kill the ad bar in the game.

8. What are Favor Points?

Favor Points (or FP) are a virtual currency that can be used to buy powers, refills, add-ons and many other items available in the Crypt. As well as being able to purchase them in the Crypt, you can also freely earn them through normal gameplay and through special offers at the Crypt.

9. How do I get free Favor Points?

Option 1: They can be earned by progressing through the game.

Option 2: Press Crypt on your Homepage (or Action Bar), then scroll down to Favor Points. Once, there, press Free Favors to access special offers.

For missing Favor Points from offers, access the offers page as described above, scroll to the bottom of the Special Offers page and press Help.

1. What are Missions?

Missions are tasks set forth to you by the vampire Council, who oversees your Rising world. New missions unlock as you level up, where you'll gain xp, blood, the occasional rare power, and more!

VDR Missions are set up in a book-like format.

Each Book is a tier, containing chapters.

A Chapter is a single mission.

Once you've completed all the chapters in every Book, you'll have completed (1) Volume.
Volume completion can be achieved at a maximum of (10) times, however your missions will remain replayable indefinitely.

2. What are the different types of missions?

VDR offers several types of Missions.

Missions of Darkness (default)

Dark Trinity (Dark Lord) missions

Daywalker missions (special)
Daywalker missions are only unlocked by receiving the relic Lillith's Pact.

Books 2 through 5 each have (1) unlockable Boss Battle. Please note that as well as the energy spent to start the mission, the Boss Battles will cost (1) rage per attack against the boss.

3. How do I know if mission is open?

Using the Drop Down menu at the top of the Missions page, you can select the book you're working on. If a Book is locked, it will say so in the menu.

In an unlocked Book, you'll see any locked mission chapters as a Black Bar with a Skull in it. These will appear as a fully playable mission once unlocked.

4. What are Dark Trinity missions?

These are missions you do to aid in gaining black blood to fill your vial for the Dark Lord you've aligned with. If you decide at any point you want to change your Dark Lord, you can do so at the Crypt

5. How do I spend Energy after I've completed a Mission Chapter?

Replay them! Once a Mission Chapter is completed, it is always replayable.

Please Note that once a Mission Chapter is completed, the assist for that chapter is no longer available.

6. I've completed a Volume, now what?

Each time you complete a Volume, you not only reap rewards, but your Mission Books will reset. Visually, your Missions chapters in each book will remain open, but the Complete text in the completion bar will be removed until you complete the chapter again.

Upon a Volume completion, each Mission Chapter's reset will allow you to assist again the first time it is completed.

1. How do I fight?

There are a couple ways to use your Rage to fight. You can choose to Attack or Maul.

To attack, press the Attack button under any vampires name on the fight list.
An attack uses (1) rage per, and the damage from your attacks is based on a combination of your SP allocation and current Powers.

To maul, press the Maul button under the graphic of any maulable opponent.
Mauling uses (5) rage per, and offers increased XP from a normal attack.
Any form of attack (including mauling) in VDR will deplete health from your opponent as well as you. This will require Healing... leaving all battles to be a variable see-saw of attacking and healing.

To heal, you must return to the homepage to access the heal button (or the Heal button on the Extended Action Bar), or alternately, if you've purchsed the Gesture Control addon, you can use a simple gesture command to heal.

2. How many times can I attack the same player?

You can attack any player as often as you like. There are no rules.

3. What is Mauling?

Mauling is a great way to burn through rage and gain increased experience.

To maul, press the Maul button under the graphic of any maulable opponent.
Mauling uses (5) rage per, and offers increased XP from a normal attack.

Please note that you do not gain Black Blood from Mauling.

4. How can I comment to someone on the Fight list?

Press their name on the fight page and you will be redirected to their profile, where you can comment.

Alternately, if you've purchased the Quick Links addon, you can long-press on any players name, choose Quick Message, and comment right there, on the fly .

5. How do I Bite someone on the Fight list?

Press their name on the fight page and you will be redirected to their profile, where you can Bite them.

6. What happens if I Bite someone?

Bite them and see! Biting uses one rage per bite.

1. How does the hitlist work?

For a red blood fee* (bounty), any Vampire can be placed on the hitlist. Once on the list, all other vampires can attack and kill for you. The vampire who succeeds in killing them receives the red blood bounty. You may also attack and kill them yourself once you've listed them, and collect your set bounty back. This is known as a self-claimed bounty.

To put a vampire on the hitlist, visit their profile page and press the Hitlist button, then choose whether the default bounty amount is enough, or whether you'd like to raise the bounty amount. Default bounty amounts vary from vampire to vampire, and you cannot use less than the default bounty.

On the Hitlist, attacks work the same as the Fight list, with (1) rage per attack.

*Please note that the bounty fee will be taken from your unbanked red blood.

2. Is it wrong to self-claim your own bounty?

Nope! It's part of the game... and let's face it, self-claiming is cool.

3. Is there a limit to how many times you can set a bounty on a player?

Yes. each player can only be bountied (10) times in a 24 hour period.

1. Who are the “Dark Lords”, “Dark Trinity” or “Trinity”?

They are the oldest, wisest, and most powerful Vampire Lords in the Rising. They are the creators of all bloodlines and protectors of the rising realm. As well as rewarding you for homage paid to them in black blood, they also offer special powers and other gifts through the sparring feature.

2. Where do I access the Sparring feature?

For your convenience, there are a few ways to access the feature.

A) Press the image of the Trinity on your Home page, then choose the Dark Lord you'd like to spar with.

B) Press Fight, then press Trinity. From here, choose the Dark Lord you'd like to spar with.

C) If you've purchased the Quick Links addon, you can long-press in the Player Info bar (black bar at the top of every screen) and choose to go directly to any Dark Lord's profile.

3. What is Black Blood?

Black Blood is the richest blood in the vampire realm. This is because it's not the blood of a mere human, but the blood of a vampire! It contains traces of essence of the vampire from which it came, and often is laced with that vampire's memories, skills, and general power. Because of the potency of black blood a normal vampire can only drink vampire blood once a day (Black Blood Exchange), however it is a delicacy for those of the Dark Trinity.

Black blood is collected in the Rising by aligning to the Dark Lord of your choice, then fighting those of opposing alignment, or alternately you can collect it by performing Dark Trinity missions, or through Sparring. Collect enough black blood and you can buy special powers that are otherwise unavailable through normal gameplay.

4. Where do I get Black Blood from?

Black blood is collected in the Rising by aligning to the Dark Lord of your choice, then fighting those of opposing alignment, or alternately you can collect it by performing Dark Trinity missions, or through Sparring. Collect rnough black blood and you can buy special powers that are otherwise unavailable through normal gameplay.

5. How do I know how much Black Blood I have?

Press Fight on the action bar (or Home page), then press the Trinity near the top of the screen. Here you will see how much Black Blood you have in your current vial, as well as your vault.

The total amount of Black Blood you have accumulated from filling vials is listed below your vial, in your Black Blood Vault.

6. Why are there symbols on the left side of players on the fightlist and why are they different colors?

The symbols show that the player is aligned to a Dark Lord. The colors represent the Dark Lord they are aligned to.

Caine's symbol is Red.
Lillith's symbol is Purple.
Andilaveris' symbol is Blue.

7. Why do I not always get black blood when I fight?

When fighting off of the fight-list you will only receive black blood from players aligned to a different Dark Lord than you.

8. How do I buy the Black Blood Powers?

Press Powers on the Home page (or on the Extended Action Bar). At the top, under “Select Type and Discipline” section, use the top drop-down menu to change the type to Black Blood.

There are Black Blood powers in each discipline (Physical, Mental, Supernatural). You may only purchase the Black Blood power of the Dark Lord you are aligned with. In order to own other Dark Lords Black Blood powers, you must align with that Dark Lord by visiting the crypt.

9. What is a BBE and when can I do it?

Black Blood [BB] is the blood of a vampire. Black Blood carries immense power within it, and thus is an extremely valuable commodity. A Black Blood Exchange [BBE] is when 2 vampires drink from each other to increase one another's strength by giving a boost in energy or rage.

Only one vampire needs to perform the action but both will benefit. You perform the action by clicking the BBE button on a vampires page in the game.

A BBE can occur between two Vampires in the same coven, but only once every 24 hours.

You must be 20 vampire-years old to BBE.

If each vampire is over 50 years, there are no age difference restrictions. However, if either of you is under 50 years old, the age difference between you and your partner cannot be more than a 30 years. (example: if you are 33 and someone else is 95, you cannot BBE with that partner.)

10. What do you receive when you fill a Black Blood Vial?

Some surprises are worth exploring... but we assure you it's really good stuff!!

11. What happens after I completely fill a BB vial?

After filling a vial, this amount is moved to your Vault, and you will automatically start filling another vial for your chosen Dark Lord*. When you have obtained enough black blood in your vault, you can purchase Black Blood powers for the Dark Lord you are aligned with.

*If you wish to fill vials for a different Dark Lord, you will need to visit the Crypt to change alignment.

1. What is a “Crypt Power”?

Also known as CP's, these are limited edition high attack and or defense powers that can only be purchased with Favor Points.

Favor Points can be earned in the game by progressing, through purchase at the Crypt, or earned for free through our Special Offers section in the crypt. CP's are only available at the Crypt, and they change often. Get them while you can!

2. What are “Red blood” powers?

These are the powers natural to each vampire and bloodline. They are unlocked by your experience level and can be mastered with your earned red blood from fighting, missions and slave income.

Press Powers on the Home page (or Action Bar) to access your available Powers. Use the drop downs to master/unlearn larger quantities.

3. How do I know what red blood powers to buy?

You always want to have the best powers in each category. The best powers have the highest numbers in Attack and best in Defense. (There may be more than one best power in each category). You must equip (1) power from each category (Physical, Mental and Supernatural) for each number of your total coven.

Example: if your total Coven, including minions and friends, is (50), you'll want to equip (50) of each of your best powers in every category.

4. What are Rare powers?

These are powers that are awarded throughout the game. They are found by fighting or missions, and can be looted in sparring with your Dark Lord. You cannot buy rare powers. Rare powers can have very high attack and/or defense, and will sometimes be stronger than your red blood powers.

5. What are Black Blood Powers?

These are very special rare powers you can acquire by accumulating Black Blood in the Dark Trinity aspect of the game. These powers are quite strong, and as you grow your vampire new Black Blood powers will become available to you. There are (3) tiers of them in each Discipline (Physical, Mental, Supernatural).

6. If a Vampire gets a rare power when they fight me, do I lose a power?

No. Powers are never removed from your arsenal unless you choose to manually unlearn (sell) them for red blood.

7. Can I see every player's assets? (Powers/Slaves)

Yes. Simply go to their Profile page and press Assets.

1. What’s in the Items section?

This is where you access the Consumable items that you collect as you play the game. Consumables can be used any time to aid you in various aspects of gameplay.

2. What are consumables?

Consumables are single-use items that you can devour any time to give yourself more Energy, Rage or Health.

Please note that:
Items will not exceed your current maximum amount.
In order to raise your max amount, you'll need to allocate more SP to that aspect of your character.

If you have full rage, energy, and/or health, they are not able to be devoured.

3. How many consumables can I have?

As many as you can collect!

4. Can I buy consumables?

Yes. Visit the Crypt to see what consumables are offered.

1. What are Slaves?

Slaves are purchasble assets meant to increase your blood income. You need blood income to afford upkeep costs on powers.

2. What happens if my Bloodflow is in the negative?

Negative bloodflow is a very serious situation, and should be addressed as immediately as possible.

If a negative bloodflow isn't corrected:

Powers will be subtracted from your arsenal until your bloodflow is returned to a positive total.

If your entire arsenal of powers is subtracted and you are still negative in bloodflow, your upkeep will be taken directly from your bank.

If your entire bank balance is subtracted and you are still in negative bloodflow, your bank balance will contnue to plummet into the negative, making recovery extremely difficult.

3. Is there a limit to how many Slaves I can buy?

No, there is no limit. You may own as many slaves as you like!

4. When can I buy better Slaves?

New slaves are available for purchase as you level up. Levels are indicated on the Slaves page.

1. What is the Crypt?

The Crypt is a juicy goldmine that holds precious Powers, Add-Ons and Extension items that will incredibly enhance your game play experience. Take a look around!

For example: If you’d like to use a simple gesture to heal, or bank your blood etc. the “gestures” Add-On is for you! Here, you can also change certain aspects of your character if you wish to do so, like your vampire name. You can also buy refills for sparring with the favour points you’ve earned or purchased.

2. I don’t like the vampire name I chose. Can I change it?

Yes, you may change your name by visiting the Crypt.

3. How do I change my Dark Lord alignment?

You can change your Dark Lord alignment at the Crypt. Each Trinity member offers different reward powers and loot.

4. I messed up my vampire build and need to reset my Skill Points. Can I do that in the Crypt?

No. You can not reset skill points. Ever. But there's still hope!
With some patience, almost all builds can be corrected over time. Simply begin planning where to put your SP at each future level.

While we do not recommend this option, you can choose to delete your account and start a brand new character. This feature is accessible in the Crypt... but please understand that this cannot be undone. Once your character is deleted, the data is lost and it's gone forever.

1. What is the difference between Minions and Friends in my Coven?

Your Coven consists of two parts, Minions and Friends.

Minions are artificial placeholders and not real players. Simply put, Minions add to your Coven's total count. They are provided to you during normal gameplay (5 are given at each level-up) so you do not have to add real friends to play the game if you don’t want to.

Friends are real players added to your Coven that you interact with in the game. You must have 10 or more Friends to collect extra rage and energy. Your Friends can disperse these as they complete missions, and you can share rage and energy back to them as you finish your missions.

2. Can I play VDR without needing real friends?

Yes, but it may require the purchase of Minions to meet Coven requirements as you progress through the game.

3. What is the best way to build my Coven with Friends?

There are several ways to build your Coven with Friends.

Invite your friends to come play VDR and add each other by using your Dark Mark.
Friends can be invited from in-game via SMS and Email by the using the Invite button located on the Home page.

Post your Dark Mark on other players walls.

Spread the word by use your Scream area to send a message to your Coven, asking them to Scream your Dark Mark to their coven.

4. Where do I see my Coven?

Press Coven on the Home page (or Extended Action Bar). From here press Friends to see all the friends you've added to your coven.

5. How do I Unblock someone?

Press Coven on the Home page (or Extended Action Bar). From here press Unblock. You will see a listof all blocked players. Click the Unblock button next to the name of the player you wish to unblock.

If there are no names listed on this page, then you havent blocked any players.

6. What is the maximum number of Coven I can have?

You can have as many in your Coven as you like. However you can only equip a maximum (2001) of your coven with powers, and you can only bring this same number of equipped Coven into a fight.

7. Do I have to have 2001 coven?

No, but there are advantages of building 2001 coven. First, having a fully equipped Coven will increase your strength in fights. Next it's good to keep in mind that to complete all of the mission volumes in the game, you will need 2001 coven.

*Don't forget that you're awarded 5 Minions at each level up, and that Minions add to your total Coven.

1. What are Legends?

Legends are the Friends in your coven who have achieved the highest stats of various in-game aspects. All Rising Legends are displayed on the Legends-Boards.

2. What are the Legends Boards?

Legends Boards (or leaderboards) are where the top 20 highest individual scores in your coven are tracked and displayed.

You can access the Legends Board by selecting the Coven from the Home page (or extended Action Bar), and then choosing Legends. There you will see options for various categories of scoring as well as filtering for Overall and Daily.

3. How do I become a Legend?

Have the highest score in any available category in your Coven and your name will appear on the boards. The path to becoming a Rising legend isn’t easy, but the bragging rights are well worth the effort.

1. What is important about my Profile?

This is the page that gives you all the information about your specific vampire character.

      • Player Info Bar
        Contians all vital information about your Vampire.

      • Avatar Image
        Can be changed from the default image provided you have a Gravatar account. Visit to use your own images.

      • Vampire character name
        The name you chose as you entered the Rising. This can be changed at the Crypt for favor points.

      • Your current Title
        Earned by achieving various Trophies as you progress through the game.
        Titles will change based on your accomplishments.

      • Level
        Based on your overall accumulation of Experience Points (XP).

      • Age
        Your vampire age is incremented by (1) for each day you log in.

      • Your Sect
        The Sect you chose as you entered the game. Can be changed at the Crypt for favor points.

      • Bloodline symbol
        Denotes which Bloodline you belong to (chosen at game entry). Each bloodline has a different symbol and color.

      • Assets
        Includes all of your current slaves, powers and general information of any vampire. You can view any vampire’s Assets page by visiting their profile and clicking the Assets button.

      • Awards
        This page shows your Trophy progress. Accumulated Trophies lead to Titles, which display on your profile page.

      • Skills
        This is where you build your vampire. All Skill Point allocations take place here.

      • Items
        Contains all Consumables you've gained throughout gameplay. These are visible only to you.

      • Dark Rising Stats
        A complete record of your point progress in the game.

      • Recent Messages
        Contains all messages to you from other players.

1. What are Your Dark Encounters?

Your in-game Information feed, called Your Dark Encounters, is located at the bottom of your Home page. Any interaction between you and other players is recorded and displayed to you here. You can see who has attacked you, assisted you, hitlisted or claimed a bounty on you. You'll also see any comments left by other players in this area. If someone is requesting you to join your coven that notification will also show up on your home page.

The Dark Encounters Feeds are broken up into 4 different categories:

Combat - Details combat encounters
Informs you of all incoming Attacks, Bounty messages, and Bites.

Assists - Details assist encounters
Informs you of shared Relics, Black Blood Exchanges, Coven assists, Coven requested assists, and assist collections*.

*collections require (10) friends in your Coven.

Events - Details special event encounters
Informs you of new Comments to you, new additions to your Coven, Trophy acquisitions, Trinity assists, and Trinity assist requests.

Screams - Details Coven communications
Informs you of all Screams sent and received by your Coven. *Note: New Screams and Scream replies can be made from here (this costs red blood).

2. How can I get new Encounters notifications on my Action Bar?

Notifications on your Action Bar are only possible by purchasing the Extended Action Bar addon from the addon gallery. Not only will you receive a toggle-savvy set of extra navigation buttons, but your Action Bar will inform you of notifications from all over the game, including the Home page.

The addon gallery can be accessed by pressing the button far right on the Action Bar, or alternately by pressing Crypt on your Home page, then presing Addon gallery.

3. After logging into VDR, why is my Dark Encounters blank when it shows I have new notifications.

In order to keep VDR running at full performance, these feeds are automatically cleared out after certain lengths of time.
For example, Combat, Assists, and Events are currently cleared after (4)hrs, while Screams is cleared after (12) hrs. This may change in future updates to VDR.